Transportation System

Butler County’s close proximity to Atlanta, Birmingham, and Montgomery markets, makes it ideal for businesses. With its convenient highway access, nearby port facilities, and rail/air facilities, it is easy to connect products and services with the rest of the United States, and internationally.


Butler County, AL has great road systems available to existing and developing industries, including Interstate 65 .
All major highways in or near Butler County include:

  • I-65
  • U.S. Highway 31
  • Alabama State Highway 10
  • Alabama State Highway 106


The Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport is a city-owned, public use airport located in Greenville, AL. It has one paved runway. Commercial air service is located in nearby Montgomery.

Nearby airports include:

AirportLocationDistance from Greenville, AL
Mac Crenshaw Memorial Airport
5,500 ft runway
Paved: Yes

Greenville, AL In City Limits
Montgomery Regional Airport Montgomery, AL 45 Miles

Source: Distance based on Google Maps, 2014.


CSX mainline runs through Butler County, AL. For more information visit www.csx.com/.

Port Facilities

From Butler County, AL, the nearest port facilities are available at the Alabama State Port located in Mobile, AL (126 miles from Greenville) and at the Port of Pensacola, located in Pensacola, FL (121 miles from Greenville).